Getting Started



Most games follow one of two objectives. In an "Elimination" game, the rules are simple; shoot every player on the opposing team to win. In "Capture the Flag," the goal is to secure a flag located on the opposite side of the field and return it back to "home base." There are variations of these games and a referee should be on hand to explain the rules before you begin.


During Game play, if a paintball breaks on you, you are out, and you are expected to let the other players know it. If this occurs, raise your marker in the air and shout "Out!" Once you are out take your seat outside of the field of play. If the paintball hits you and doesn’t break, shout "Bounce!" The good news is that bounces don’t count, and you are still in the game. If you are not sure if you have been hit, shout "Paint Check!" The referee or another player will confirm.



Before you begin, you need to know the equipment. A paintball gun is called a marker. Your marker requires a CO2 or HPA tank (the power source for your marker) and a hopper to hold paintballs. Most organized fields offer rental packages including the marker, tank, and goggles, and some packages will include a supply of paintballs. If paintballs are not supplied as part of the rental package, you may be required to purchase paint from the field. You should call ahead to check on the field’s requirements and programs. 

You will also be running outside and crawling through dirt, so wear clothing you can get dirty. The paint itself washes out, but you still might want to wear long sleeves to protect exposed skin and a bandana to protect your hair.



For your safety, you will need to wear protective goggles at all times. You will also be required to use a barrel plug or barrel bag at all times when you are not in the field of play. Barrel plugs and bags are used to block paintballs that may inadvertently be fired when off the field. 



Paintball can be played with friends and family at thousands of fields across the country. To find a field near you, click here.